From the Assistant Principal

My name is Ivan Castillo and I will be your Aspiring Leader for the academic year. As an Aspiring Leader, I take part in the District’s principal pipeline program that focuses on preparing aspiring principals. I am someone who believes in building relationships in the community, equity and fairness, and being a positive role model for our students. I earned my bachelor’s degree from Indiana University South Bend and my M.S.Ed in Educational Leadership & Policy Studies from Indiana University – Bloomington in May 2020. During my undergraduate years, I spent most of my time volunteering at La Casa de Amistad, which had an impact on my decision to continue serving and advocating for students in my community. I taught English at Washington high school after graduation but have spent the last two years as a member of the Aspiring leader principal pipeline program at Lincoln Elementary School. I believe that all of my experiences, the guidance and lessons from my mentors, and my professional development training have properly equipped me to step up and serve as the Aspiring Leader at Clay International Academy.

When I’m not inside a school, I’m usually outside on the soccer field. I am starting my second year as head coach for the men’s soccer team at Washington high school, so I like to thank them for keeping me in shape and reminding me that being in your late 20’s is not old. I am proud to be part of #TeamSouthBend and am excited for the opportunity to serve the Clay International Academy community!