Dress Code

Clay Intermediate Dress Code

  1. Shorts/Skirts (no shorter than between fingertips and knee, adding leggings is not a suitable substitute to bring shorts or skirts to proper length.

  2. No ragged, ripped, or sheer items of clothing. (shredded jeans, shirts, etc.)

  3. No sagging of shorts, jeans or skirts.

  4. No leggings, yoga pants, or tight sweat pants are allowed.

  5. No pajama clothing or slippers.

  6. No tank tops, spaghetti strap shirts, midriff shirts or tops that fail to cover the stomach area, sleeves must cover the shoulder.

  7. No clothing, belts or jewelry that promotes drugs, tobacco, alcohol, gangs, or inappropriate slang.

  8. No hats, handkerchiefs, sweatbands or hair nets.

  9. No unnatural hair colors. (Only acceptable colors, blonde, brown, black, and natural red hair color.)

  10. No coats, jackets or outerwear are to be worn in the classroom/cafeteria.

  11. All school bags should be placed in locker.

  12. No facial piercings, ears only.

  13. No flip flops or slides.

 Administration has final judgment on all dress code violations.